Ronnie Robot

About Ronnie Robot

Posted 9 years ago by jenni

Come discover with Ronnie on an endless journey in the community. Ronnie likes making new friends and would enjoy showing you around the village and farm. With some imagination and creativity, you will be able to build a school house, drive a work truck, change outfits and more. Ronnie would like your help by having you be a friend who can assist Ronnie with putting out fires, solving some problems and keeping things peaceful in the community. There are many things to explore and a lot of fun thing to do, but Ronnie needs you to be there for the adventure.

Ronnie was created by people dedicated to quality software experiences for the entire family. We would like to graciously thank those who helped with the app here. For more information on some of the other projects we are working on, you can look at our company website:

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